Hawaii State Charter School Laws

302A-1302 School-based budget flexibility 

302B-1 Definitions

302B-2 Existing charter schools

302B-3 Charter school review panel; establishment; powers and duties

302B-4 Limits on charter schools

302B-5 Start-up charter schools; establishment

302B-6 Conversion charter schools; establishment

302B-7 Charter school local school boards; powers and duties

302B-8 Charter school administrative office

302B-9 Exemptions from state laws

302B-10 Civil service status; employee rights

302B-11 Administration of workers' compensation

302B-12 Funding and finance

302B-13 Weighted student formula

302B-14 Accountability; probationary status; revocation of charter

302B-15 Responsibilities of department of education; special education services

302B-16 Sports